Webinar: Mandated Reporting Basics

How to recognize abuse in children and what to do to if you have to report it.




Mandated reporting saves lives.

Being a mandated reporter is a serious responsibility. If you are a mandated reporter or are interested in learning more, this webinar is for you.

Kara Witthuhn, Foster Support Coordinator, and Jason Jonker, Director of Resilient Recovery Ministries, will share with you the basics of mandated reporting, how to recognize abuse and neglect and what to do if you think you need to report a case as a mandated reporter. Reporting abuse is a delicate matter, but it can also save lives. 

Let us help you help the vulnerable

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll hear from Kara Witthuhn and Jason Jonker

We’ll cover:

  • What is mandated reporting
  • The role we all have in protecting the vulnerable 
  • Share how to recognize abuse or neglect 
  • how to make a report when needed
  • And more

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Tuesday, October 19 at 2:00pm (CDT)

Meet the Presenters

Kara Witthuhn

Kara Witthuhn is the Foster Support Coordinator at Kingdom Workers. She assists congregations and individuals as they work to support foster families in their community. Before coming to Kingdom Workers, Kara provided in-home parenting education and support services to families involved in the child welfare system. She also served as a mandated reporter for 19 years. 

Jason Jonker

Jason Jonker has over 20 years of experience in the field of Mental Health and Addiction. He has worked as a therapist in many settings and has been clinical director for a mental health clinic in Arizona. He left his job as Regional Director of Behavioral Health to become the founding director of Resilient Recovery Ministries. Resilient Recovery Ministries facilitates addiction support groups that utilize a Law and Gospel approach to addiction and mental health support. The ministry also teaches Motivational Interviewing, an evidence-based way of conversing with addicts that improves the likelihood that they will seek treatment and/or make a change in their substance use. During his career, Jason has made or consulted on over 350 mandated reports.