Webinar: How do you know?

Unmasking abuse so that you can serve and minister to survivors.

Abuse isn’t always visible.

The abuse survivors can experience is not only physical, it can be emotional, psychological, and spiritual, too. Over time, survivors come to believe that they are unloveable and unworthy, deserving of the maltreatment.

So how do you minister to them? It starts with understanding the different forms of abuse and becoming a safe person for survivors to confide in.

We can teach you.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to identify signs of abuse and what to do about it. 

We’ll cover:

  • The various forms that abuse can take
  • Warning signs and indicators of abuse
  • How to approach someone you believe may be surviving abuse
  • Where to start when building trust with a survivor

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What other pastors are saying

“This has opened my eyes to the prevalence of domestic abuse in all of our communities and churches. I feel prepared to reach out in a loving and understanding way to those who desperately need to hear God’s love, forgiveness, and peace.”

Pastor Nate Scharf

St. Paul's – New Ulm, MN

“Thank you to all who worked on this very informative webinar. The more tools we have to use to address this issue, the better. Thank you!”

Pastor Jason

Meet the Presenter

Michelle Markgraf

Michelle Markgraf, community expert on survivor advocacy and safety, helped launch the Empowering Survivors of Relationship Violence program at Kingdom Workers. She previously worked as a volunteer advocate and later as the Executive Director of a rape and domestic abuse crisis center.

Survivors need your spiritual guidance

Working with survivors of current or past domestic/dating violence can be difficult because of the sensitive nature of the subject. Often, survivors feel guilty about the abuse. They feel they have done something wrong and deserve the treatment they receive at the hands of their abusers.


Their guilt, fear, and shame keep them from talking to you, their pastor, or only telling a sanitized story. 


In this webinar we'll look at all the forms that abuse can take, what you can look for, and how to talk to a survivor. You'll learn to listen for the hints they drop and how to ask questions that invite the survivor to share more of their story with you so they can receive the spiritual nurturing they need. 

We’re here to help you serve survivors in and near your church.