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My prayer since college has been that God would use me and teach me how to serve. Throughout the last few decades of life he has taught me numerous things, among them the most important being that His grace and its transforming power is sufficient for me…and I can’t wait to share that with everyone else!

He has also made it clear that His plan is greater than my plan. Every. Single. Time. Looking back I can see now how God has used my time as a teacher, dorm supervisor, traveler, and Spanish language student to help prepare me for the opportunity I am blessed to have with Kingdom Workers as Wellness Circle Coordinator. I believe in the importance of education because nobody can take knowledge away from you.

A staggering 52% of children and 75% of adults are obese causing Chile to be among the South American countries with high prevalence in diabetes. The high obesity rates also contribute to heart disease, cancer, and hypertension. While the Chilean population and government has recognized the obesity crisis, many people remain unaware of preventive care habits and testing opportunities. Additionally, fear and a lack of health knowledge deter many community members from prioritizing preventive care.

As Wellness Circle Coordinator I have the privilege of working with volunteers who lead accountability groups where book knowledge is transferred into real life practice as community members walk alongside others in their health journeys. Our number one aim is to connect people to their Savior and Great Physician, creating a community where God’s love is shared and deeper discussions guide members to think about their identity, habits, and purpose through a spiritual lens.

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of God’s work in Chile and ask that you join me in this exciting ministry.


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