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Mission Advancement

Among my family and close friends, it is well known that my training is in power generation and my degree in chemistry, and for those who know me best that in an earthly context my heart is in farming. This background leads many to ask, “How did you end up in mission work, Bill?”

When asked that question, I can honestly say it must be a “God thing” because this was never my plan. What started as an opportunity to do something fun and different in Zambia for a year (in 1997) has become 25 years of mission work. Each step along the way prepared me for the next, and it always seemed impossible to say “no” to each successive opportunity. And in fact, it was impossible to say “no” on a couple occasions because Cathy (my wife) would not let me. Cathy’s heart for loving and serving people often is what leads us to do what we do.

My daily ministry centers on leadership. I lead and support evangelists who also serve their communities’ health needs. My time is spent keeping everyone on the team aligned and energized in the Kingdom Workers mission and purpose while recruiting talented teammates, serving our largest financial supporters, and personally expressing gratitude to volunteers, donors, and partners of Kingdom Workers.

Kingdom Workers has transformed from a funding entity to a mobilization entity over recent years, but more opportunity lies ahead. For a few years we have mobilized more volunteers outside US borders than inside the US. Our next phase will include the rise of evangelism and human care mobilization in the US while growing our international mission presence through the development of interdependent Kingdom Workers organizations in other countries. In the US, local mission programs include serving foster families and survivors of abuse, as well as multiple construction-oriented ministries. Internationally we will continue to focus our evangelism efforts on serving people with special needs or disabilities, water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.

In every instance, our neighbors are connected to Christ as we speak about Jesus and as we use our hands and feet to meet their daily needs.

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