Rachel Binczak Rachel Binczak

Rachel Binczak

North America

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to help those who are hurting. God gifted me with a compassionate heart and an empathetic nature; I have been blessed to serve, both personally and professionally, in roles that have put those things into practice.

I started as a volunteer Foster Support Ambassador in 2021 and have loved connecting people in my home church with foster families and serving in various ways. My background in social work and volunteer coordination have prepared and equipped me for the US Foster Support Coordinator position.

By joining my support network, you will be assisting me in my work of training and equipping volunteers across the US to connect with foster families in their communities, supporting them as they care for vulnerable and hurting children. Strong families create strong kids; strong kids grow into strong adults.

And it's not just physical and emotional needs, but spiritual needs as well. Your partnership will enable me to fully support volunteers to make an eternal difference as they share the good news of Jesus with foster parents and the kids in their care.

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