Edie Turnbull Edie Turnbull

Edie Turnbull

Mission Advancement

I’m passionate about development work and looked for a chance to put my fundraising knowledge and ability to use in the kingdom. Kingdom Workers checked every box as I looked for that opportunity. God called me to my current role to help increase the number of people we serve around the globe by raising the level of financial resources available to the mission. Much like the roots enable a tree to grow, my work serves the Kingdom Workers programs that connect more people to Jesus.

Every day God blesses me with the opportunity to support the work our staff and volunteers are doing in both Christian welfare and Gospel Proclamation. I’m able to share the good news of Jesus with others as I introduce them to Kingdom Workers. My co-workers also look to me for leadership and energy as we tackle challenges in the US and abroad. I can definitely say I enjoy my work!

You can work with me to provide care and funding so that more people can be blessed by the great things God is doing through Kingdom Workers.

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Kingdom Workers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While we make every effort to honor the intent of each gift, Kingdom Workers has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.

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