Daya Batim Moses Daya Batim Moses

Daya Batim Moses

South Sudan

Spending my entire childhood in refugee camp has taught me how God is truly gracious and merciful. Having escaped death from gunshots, I grew up considering myself very fortunate. Every day, I have many reasons to be thankful to God for being alive. Living life as a refugee was full of hardship, unpredictable challenges, and instability which makes planning life very difficult. I could relate to the South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia when I visited their camps and congregations in 2019 as a Kingdom Workers volunteer. Everything they are experiencing; I have experienced when I was a refugee. It fills my heart with joy to see how much God has worked through Kingdom Workers to share the gospel of Jesus with men, women, and children of God in the regions of Ethiopia/South Sudan.

Since childhood, my dream has always been to become a Social Worker in order to fulfill the burning desire in my heart to work with refugees, children/youth, and the disabled. Thankfully, that dream is alive today and I am blessed to volunteer and now work with Kingdom Workers. Kingdom Workers is an organization that addresses both physical and spiritual needs of people. This perfectly aligns with my passion and what God has called me to do. In my current role, I will help grow the refugee ministry in Ethiopia/South Sudan and the surrounding regions, train local health educators, guide and inspire local volunteers, share the gospel, and bring hope to the needy.

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