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Kingdom Workers changed my life. In 2005 I was 3 years into college at a public university, unsure what my faith meant to me, and starting to think about life after graduation in the secular world. A friend nudged me to volunteer for Kingdom Workers in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. That was my first experience being among Christians from all walks of life, accountants, construction workers, business managers, all talking about Jesus and actively living their faith. It was my first time as an adult to begin talking about my faith with others. The experience led me to become a missionary in China after college, where I spent 5 years.

Now I serve as Asia Regional Director of Kingdom Workers. My job is to lead and set the vision for my team as they empower Christians in Asia to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities. Wherever we work in Asia, we are actively sharing Jesus with others. The Christian welfare aspect of our work includes water and sanitation, health education, agricultural training, child & classroom development, and support for families of children with learning disabilities. As of January 2024, we have projects in Indonesia and Japan, and we are actively building new partnerships with Christians in Thailand, Vietnam, and other areas of Asia. I am excited to synergize my global experiences and passion for cross-cultural service to build God’s kingdom in this capacity.

Although I am currently working remotely in the United States, our family will transition to the mission field in summer 2025. It will be hard for our family to leave a comfortable life in the Midwest. But we believe our family has been uniquely blessed to build meaningful relationships in Asia and make an impact for God’s glory. Please pray for our family’s transition. Please pray that the gospel would change lives in Japan, Indonesia, and all of Asia.

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