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As a third-grade student, I already had dreams for my life. I wanted to become a teacher and a missionary. After attending Dr. Martin Luther College, my first dream came true, and I taught at California Lutheran High School for one year and several in New Ulm, MN for a total of 15 years teaching a range of high school students down to grade two, directing choirs and helping with sports teams. It wasn’t till I was 35 years old that I had the first opportunity to work as a teacher overseas and get a taste of missionary work in a special way in Indonesia and Vietnam.

When I made a decision to move back home to the US in 2014, God had something incredible prepared for me—a position with Kingdom Workers where I could work with our local church body in remote areas of Indonesia. During the years I spent teaching there, I learned the language and fell in love with the people. I believe God put Indonesia and the Indonesians on my heart. Looking back, it was clear how God was preparing me for this special work and since that time, I have become more convinced that this is his calling for me. He continues to fill me with great joy as I travel back and forth and work with some of the most incredible people who seek transformation on physical and spiritual levels for themselves and those all around them.

From the building of water solutions to health education and workshops, I get to see people’s lives changing—they are becoming healthier and more productive. With less stress in their lives, a greater hope for the future and, even more incredible, a deeper relationship with their Savior, people in Indonesia have begun to thrive! And I get to be there to help, witnessing the goodness of God in this beautiful land!

Indonesia is the world’s most populated Muslim country, so it is important to support our Christian brothers and sisters. My ministry is helping them to develop their strengths and abilities to prepare them for a better future here on this earth and encouraging them to be salt and light to all those around them.

Working with Kingdom Workers is a calling for me. From the first trip I made to Indonesia till now, God makes it clear in so many ways that he wants to bless this work and his people here! There is no denying this! I have been blessed to be a part of this ministry, and I pray that you’ll join me by becoming part of my support network. It would be wonderful to have you as a part of my support team in bringing hope to brothers and sisters in remote areas of Indonesia.

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