Disability Care: Virtual Coach for Parents

Our Cognitive Delay Assessment and Support program in Grenada provides parents, teachers, and caregivers with the training they need to better care for and love their child(ren) with autism. As a volunteer virtual coach for parents you will provide ongoing support to parents of children with autism by sharing education on autism, how to care for a child with autism, and more. 


Provide ongoing support to parents of children with autism in Grenada by offering virtual education and training on autism and how to care for children living with autism. 


When & Where

Location: virtual

Volunteers needed: 1-2

Dates: ongoing (dates flexible to volunteer availability) 

Application deadline: April 15


Additional information


  • Behavior Analyst Certification 
  • Experience working with children
  • Interest in providing ongoing support to parents of children with autism.


Your time as a volunteer

Anticipated activities

  • Get to know parents and children you'll be working with
  • Provide parents with any education about autism they may need
  • Offer any activities that parents can try with their child
  • And more



Apply to Volunteer

About the Program

The Cognitive Delay Assessment and Support program provides accommodations and alternative strategies to help children with cognitive, emotional, and developmental delays. The island of Grenada has limited special needs resources, so local volunteers are filling this void through tools like HANDLE by working at three special education schools with students, teachers, and parent groups. Special needs are broad, so HANDLE is used to ensure that individuals in the program are met with care and understanding. This creates a welcoming environment for individuals to live and worship without stigma or discrimination.

Parent support group meetings are also offered every month to develop relationships with the families being served and open up opportunities to share the gospel. 


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