Disability Care: Therapy Training & Assistance

Our Ministry to People with Disabilities program in Malawi provides care to children and adults living with a disability. Through this volunteer opportunity you will offer physical and occupational therapy training and assistance to our staff and volunteers in Malawi so they can better care for those they work with. 


Work alongside our staff and volunteers in Malawi to provide home-based therapy care to children and individuals living with a disability.


When & Where

Location: Blantyre, Malawi

Volunteers needed: 1 physical therapist & 1 occupational therapist

Dates: 2 weeks (late April—early May 2022, official dates TBD) 

Application deadline: January 20


Additional information


  • Valid PT/OT license
  • Experience working with children
  • Experience working/volunteering in a Lower/Middle Income Country (LMIC)
  • Interest in possibly returning to Malawi/providing training sessions online in the future
  • Willingness to travel along bumpy roads and difficult terrain. 


Your time in Malawi

Anticipated activities

  • Observe and participate in the training provided by local professionals to caregivers
  • Observe and participate in the assessments of children with developmental and physical disabilities
  • Provide feedback to local professionals and Kingdom Workers staff on suggested therapies & ways to improve care
  • Develop relationships with Kingdom Workers staff and local professionals


Volunteer fee

$4,000 – includes airfare, in-country transportation, food, lodging, and visa. 

Support raising
Support raising is a great way to cover or offset the volunteer fee for your trip and also surround yourself with a support network. If you would like to support raise, let us know and we will walk you through the steps to do so. 

Additional details

Volunteers will have a few housing options to choose from. Specifics will be decided during trip planning.

You will need a valid passport to travel to and from Malawi. It must not expire within six months of your trip.  

All routine vaccinations should be up to date. Check the CDC website for information on recommended vaccines.

We facilitate orientation to help you prepare for your time volunteering. 


Apply to Volunteer

About the Program

The Ministry to People with Disabilities program serves children and adults living with disabilities in Malawi. We do this by offering Worship at the Cross, a modified worship service, and home-based care therapy sessions. Learn more about this program today. 


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