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Cultivate the Whiteriver Community through Gardening

You can play a role in making your community a better, healthier place to live. 

Do you have a green thumb and live in or near Whiteriver, AZ? Do you know what it takes to plant, weed, and grow a garden? Volunteer your time to share your gardening skills with members of your community on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.


We’re looking for 10-20 local community members to volunteer their time to share their gardening skills with members of the community who are looking to build a better, healthier life for themselves and their families.


Location: Whiteriver Lutheran Church on Oak Street (White Mountain Apache Reservation)

Dates: Wednesday evenings, 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Time commitment: Based on volunteer availability 

Volunteer requirements: Must live in or near Whiteriver, Arizona


Your time in the garden

As a volunteer, you'll help families and individuals learn how to plant, weed, grow, and care for the community garden. The skills you share here will motivate people to become gardeners themselves, giving them access to healthy and fresh produce. Each week will provide an opportunity for a new lesson on topics like how to fertilize, what crops to plant, how to care for various plants, and more. As you work alongside families, you’ll share your faith in Jesus, provide spiritual encouragement, and invite participants to church.



About the Program

The community garden program provides community members living on the White Mountain Apache Reservation with the training and tools they need to live better, healthier lives.


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