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Become a companion of those with disabilities

Individuals with disabilities, whether they partake in Jesus Cares' tailored Bible studies, worship services, or Christ-centered activities, find deeper spiritual growth and a sense of belonging within their congregation's community.

By extending love and support through Jesus Cares, you uplift these individuals, fostering both spiritual growth and community connection. Each act of compassion amplifies the Gospel's message and enriches lives.


Walk alongside individuals with disabilities, uplifting them with tailored spiritual teachings and Christ-centered activities, reflecting the profound love of Jesus.

When & Where

Location: In your community

Dates: Ongoing

What it means to support through Jesus Cares

Anticipated Activities

Support can range from assisting with Bible studies, helping coordinate worship activities, greeting, snack coordination, and more. Your efforts cater to specific requirements of each program, ensuring a positive impact on those with disabilities.

Time Commitment

Hours will vary based on volunteer availability and the specific needs of the Jesus Cares program.


Jesus Cares will provide regular training sessions. Volunteers can expand their knowledge on topics such as delivering tailored Bible lessons, understanding unique needs, and effective communication strategies.

*Support provisions for volunteers may differ by region.

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