Racing to bring healing to Cynthia

In a dark room, Cynthia sat alone. Suddenly, kind voices broke the silence. The door opened, and light washed over Cynthia as people with warm smiles said hello. They were welcoming and unafraid of her. In that moment, Cynthia felt the emptiness in her heart begin to break apart as love entered in.

Cynthia was diagnosed with epilepsy in Malawi where disabilities are commonly seen as contagious or a curse. This meant Cynthia grew up in an unaccepting community. When Kingdom Workers showed up on their bikes, they brought the healing and accepting community of Christ to Cynthia.

Cynthia’s family joined the Ministry to People with Disabilities in 2017. Volunteers worked with Cynthia and helped her family understand epilepsy. Shortly after, the Holy Spirit moved the family to join confirmation class and be baptized.

In baptism, Cynthia was welcomed into God’s family. Six months later, God called Cynthia home.

While Cynthia’s time here was short, we are thankful she was blessed to know her Savior. Your support ensures our volunteers are able to bring Jesus to children like Cynthia, just in time.

To accomplish this, we need your help. With your generous donation of $250, we can purchase a heavy-duty bicycle for our volunteers’ daily transportation so they can continue to show Christ’s love to children like Cynthia.  

Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated and help us in doing everything we can to bring people to Jesus in Malawi and throughout the world.


Names and images may have been changed for security or privacy reasons.


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