Racing to Bring Healing to Cynthia

In a dark room, Cynthia sat alone. Suddenly, kind voices broke the silence. The door opened, and light washed over Cynthia as people with warm smiles said hello. They were welcoming and unafraid of her. In that moment, Cynthia felt the emptiness in her heart begin to break apart as love entered in. Cynthia was diagnosed with epilepsy in Malawi where disabilities are commonly seen as contagious or a...

How a water system transformed Mari’s life

One year ago Mari spent her days trekking out to a water spring in the jungle that surrounds her Indonesian village. The path was well worn, familiar, and very long. The round-trip took the young girl over an hour to fetch a few gallons of water. When she returned, her grandmother would boil the water and cook with it. Most days Mari would need to walk to the spring two or even three times. The majority...

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