Support Foster Families Near You

100% of surveyed foster parents strongly agreed that they trust the volunteers who serve them through this program. 

Offering support through your church connects foster families to Christian friends. It makes it easier for foster parents to provide a stable and loving home for their foster child(ren). It provides your members with ways to serve others using the gifts God gave them. And it is life-changing for children who need to know the unconditional love of Jesus. 

Gospel Outreach

75% of foster parents remember someone from their care team sharing their faith within the past 30 days.

Improved Perceptions

88% of foster parents felt that this program at least somewhat caused them to view Christian churches more positively.

Strengthening Families

71% of foster parents feel that this program enables them to be better foster parents.

Here’s how we can serve foster families together:

We know every church is unique in its size, location, history, skills of members, and ministry goals. You might be ready to go all in, or wish to start small. No matter where you're at, we'll work with you to determine how to make a difference in your community and create a sustainable ministry.

Create Care Teams

Care Teams allow your members to come together and volunteer their time and talents to support a foster family near them. Teams can range in size from 2-8 volunteers, and a single church can have multiple teams. Volunteers also receive access to our educational enrichment resources to help them feel prepared. 

Care Team volunteers:

  • Walk alongside foster families to offer support
  • Physically uplift families by making meals, running errands, providing child care, and more
  • Spiritually strengthen families by sharing biblical encouragement, praying for them, inviting them to church, and more


Host an event

Events open your church up to the community. They are a great way to establish relationships with foster families in your community so that the gospel message can be shared in a meaningful way. 

Possible church events include (but are not limited to)

  • A summer festival for families
  • Organize a freezer meal distribution
  • Offering up a meeting space for a foster family support group
  • And more! 

Powered by people like you

We'll provide the support needed to help you discover volunteers in your own church. Then we'll equip them with training in trauma-informed care and gospel proclamation so they feel prepared to serve.

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Current foster support partners

"My husband and I consider fostering a mission field. But to do it we need support. We love introducing kids to Jesus and showing them God's word."

- Thalia Foster parent

“This was such a positive encouragement and help to us. We would love for others to benefit from your program. It made such a difference.”

- Tricia and John Foster parents

“I wanted to do something different and I’ve always wanted to help foster families...I saw this as my opportunity.”

- Lisa Volunteer

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Donors cover the full cost of the program, so there is no charge to you.


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