Builders For Christ

Expanding gospel outreach through construction

If you are looking to expand or remodel your facility, be it a worship space, a school classroom, or a ministry center, consider partnering with us. For three decades, Builders For Christ volunteers have lent a helping hand on construction projects all across the United States—and even internationally—so that more people can connect with God. Our volunteer teams travel to construction sites and supply the extra hands and feet your church, school, or organization needs to complete a project on time. 

Church Attendance

Attendance at church events has grown by 28% on average after the completion of a building project.*

Volunteer Service

Over 250 people volunteered through Builders For Christ last year.


The number of church members engaged in outreach activities grew by 84.4% on average after the completion of the building project.*


Together we can create more spaces for people to learn about God.

What you can help us with

  • Obtain appropriate permits and mobilize 8-12 RVs on site
  • Provide lunch and morning/afternoon snacks for volunteers
  • Offer daily devotionals for volunteers
  • Encourage congregation members to participate in the build
  • And more

What you can expect from us

  • Active participation in building project while on-site
  • Some volunteers may bring their camper to stay on site while volunteering, others will choose to stay off site
  • Regular work hours for construction including some weekend days 
  • And more

Want to partner with Builders For Christ?

Step 1

Download the Partnering with Builders For Christ guide and read through it to understand our process and procedures. 

Download the guide

Step 2

Work to complete the necessary tasks as outlined in the downloadable guide before submitting your application.

Step 3

When your tasks are complete, submit your application using the form below. 

Winter project submission deadline: August 1
Summer project submission deadline: January 1

Note: We typically accept two building projects in the northern United States for summer and two in the southern United States for winter.

Apply for Builders For Christ’s help

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“It's a great blessing to have all these volunteers here.”

- Dave congregation member

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