WASH Education & Health Promotion

In Malawi, the WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Education & Health Promotion program works together with local Lutheran churches and community members to collaboratively create sustainable solutions to the unique challenges each village faces. Sometimes we provide informational workshops to help inform and educate community members on a certain WASH-related topic like clean water or disease transmission. On other occasions we work with local experts to share hands-on workshops where people can learn to build things like toilets or pit latrine covers. And every time a workshop is held, we open with a devotion led by the pastor at the local Lutheran church.

The need for WASH programming

56% of people

we surveyed said they did nothing to purify their water before drinking.

Infant mortality

Illness caused by unclean water is a leading cause of infant mortality in Malawi.

72% of people

shared they did not have a place to wash their hands.

"At Kingdom Workers we help communities get connected to water solutions, and we also provide trainings focused on the importance of protecting your water source and how exactly to do that at the household and community level."

- Allena Office Manager

"All of our water and sanitation activities are focused on the mission of how can the church help its neighbors? Of course the answer is incomplete if we only talk about physical water! The benefit of partnering with churches is that while talking about the change that clean water brings to physical life, the church is alongside us talking about the spiritual water that is vital for our souls."

- Kingsley Malawi Field Assistant

How it works

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Connect with local community members

We discover new places to serve by connecting with local Lutheran church communities throughout central and southern Malawi. Once we have established a connection, we listen to learn more about the challenges they face regarding WASH-related issues. By working with the local church, we're able to provide spiritual support in the form of devotions each time we work with a community. 

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Discover their needs together

We work alongside local community members to discover how we can best meet their needs. Sometimes this involves visiting a water source or borehole, other times we put together surveys to collect information regarding water and sanitation concerns. We do this together so that the people we are serving get excited to be part of the work. 

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Provide trainings and workshops

The trainings and workshops we provide depend on the needs of a community. Sometimes we are able to provide trainings on our own, like when we showed community members in one village how to build pit latrine covers to reduce the spread of disease. Other times we partner with local experts who provide additional training on topics outside our scope of knowledge. 

Kingsley always knew he wanted to do something with his life to help others. He just wasn't sure what that would look like, until he met Kingdom Workers.

Kingsley always knew he wanted to do something with his life to help others. He just wasn't sure what that would look like, until he met Kingdom Workers.

Featured Blog Post

Kingsley's Story

Kingsley Matope7/8/2021 8:32:36 AM

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something to help others.

As a kid, I dreamed of working in a hospital. I wanted to be able to help people, especially my friends and family. But I doubted myself and worried I wouldn’t be able to heal complicated conditions or diseases.

Afterall, everyone knew me as the pastor’s son, not an aspiring doctor.

Thankfully, the events of my life led me to a place where I am not only serving people’s physical needs but their spiritual needs as well.