Sharing Sanitation Methods in Nigeria

In Nigeria, life expectancy is just 53 years old and there are only 4 physicians per 10,000 people (WHO). Volunteers from All Saints Lutheran Synod in Nigeria do all they can to help combat this health crisis by providing basic health services and education to people in communities far away from any hospital or medical facility. In addition to providing for people's physical needs, these volunteers also share the healing message of the gospel with those they care for. 


7,000+ people served


160+ local volunteers

Quality of life

90% of people said their health improved after meeting a Kingdom Worker.

How it works

Partner With Women 2

Partner with local women

All Saints Rural Health Services (ASRHS) is a community-driven health-based volunteer organization that consists of 46 women from 23 different congregations in Cross River State, Nigeria. In 2016 Kingdom Workers began its partnership with these female volunteers to help supply them with light medical education and evangelism training through a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) model. The health trainings cover a broad range of topics such as: water and sanitation, preventative measures for malaria, STDs, HIV, and how to have effective conversations about faith.

Share The Gospel 2

Share the gospel by providing care

After receiving training, volunteers go throughout their community to provide light medical care and education while also preaching the good news of the gospel. Volunteers recommend immunization to children, refer sick children to the local hospital, and encourage people they serve to continue to attend church. The pre-established relationships these women have with the communities they serve opens the door for them to have impactful conversations about faith as they work to treat illnesses and educate families on preventative measures to keep them healthy.

"Kingdom Workers has really made an impact in my faith. They have come to share the gospel of Christ to my family and the love shown to us by the volunteers has been massive."

- Paulina Ochuole Wodah Community member

“What we do is very simple. When we go out for evangelism, we try to seek the greatest needs of those people in a community, and try to find a solution to their problem.”

- Peter Ogbudu Volunteer Coordinator

“The goal of Kingdom Workers is to save life in our neighborhood as well as spreading the gospel of Christ and building the Kingdom of God.”

- Mrs. Philomina Choloko Local Volunteer

A New Way of Looking at Our Work in Nigeria

Local volunteers share practical health training lessons with community members in rural Nigeria.

Capturing the work in action

For the past few years volunteers in Nigeria would print off photos, tape them to their written report, scan them and send them to us via email. We loved getting these updates, and appreciated all the work that went into them. Recently, we were fortunate to connect with a local photographer named Emediong and his photos and videos have transformed the way we see our program work in Nigeria. 

Our Volunteer Lead Team

Our work in Nigeria wouldn't be possible without the our dedicated volunteers. These local healthcare experts and pastors run the annual trainings and help to coordinate the efforts of the women volunteers. 

Volunteer healthcare experts

Michael Image Headshot

Michael Toppe, PA-C & Nigeria Consultant

Michael Toppe is a professor of clinical medicine at Concordia University Wisconsin and a practicing physician assistant. He has served as a consultant to the Kingdom Workers Nigeria field since 2015. He first worked in Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger from 2000-2002, and again as a Medical Officer in the Gambia and South Africa from 2010-2014. His doctoral studies focused on faith based community health workers in low and middle income countries. He is passionate about helping local people respond to health care challenges that result from gaps in existing medical care systems.

Sunday Headshot

Sunday Odey, Lead volunteer & Nigeria Ministry of Health Worker

Hello, I am Sunday Odey, Nigerian Kingdom Worker Coordinator. I have been volunteering with Kingdom Workers for seven years and have been a Deputy Director with the Ministry of Health for 33 years. My background includes being a primary Health care tutor with Lutheran college of health technology; A secretary to pre seminar school of ASLC; and a District chairman of Ogoja. I love volunteering because it gives me joy and happiness. God bless and thank you.

Peter Headshot

Peter Ogbudu, Lead volunteer & Nigeria Ministry of Health Worker

Peter Ogbudu is a Nigeria Ministry of Health Worker. Peter was one of the founding members of the All Saints Rural Health Services program that began in 2009. When Kingdom Workers came on to support the work happening in Nigeria in 2015-2016, Peter took on the role of Lead Volunteer Coordinator. Peter has experience serving in the Nigeria Ministry of health and when he isn't working there, he is volunteering to ensure that the ASRHS program is meeting people's needs. 

Volunteer evangelism experts

Pastor Obi Headshot NEW

Reverend Obi

Hello everyone, my name is Pastor Edward otu obi. I am the president of All saints Lutheran Church Ogoja Synod in Cross River State, Nigeria. God bless me with six children, but my wife died last year Sept 16th 2021. I encourage the work of Kingdom Workers at home and abroad. I support Kingdom Workers in my home, and do what I can to serve others in need. God bless you. 

Tony Headshot 1

Anthony Odey, Kingdom Workers Nigeria Secretary

Hello I am Anthony Odey, Kingdom Workers Nigeria secretary. I am also a facilitator in training the Nigerian women volunteers. I have a background in preaching the gospel as a lay preacher. I am glad to be part of this work to serve humanity. 

I have the privilege of serving as the program manager of the Kingdom Workers health education efforts in Nigeria. I find that few people are aware of the long relationship WELS and Kingdom Workers has...

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My Nigerian Colleagues

Michael Toppe, PA-C10/12/2020 2:54:49 PM

I have the privilege of serving as the program manager of the Kingdom Workers health education efforts in Nigeria. I find that few people are aware of the long relationship WELS and Kingdom Workers has with this African country. The greatest joy of supporting this work comes from stories from the field.