Ministry to People with Disabilities

In Malawi, where people with disabilities are often ostracized, a church group working within their community sends a powerful message of God’s love. Through this program, families and individuals living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from trained volunteers. As healing takes place, harmful misconceptions and stigmas surrounding those with disabilities begin to fade.


1,227+ people with special needs and their family members are served.


82% of home-based care recipients understand that Jesus loves them.


79% of caretakers indicated that their child with disabilities gets invited to play by other children thanks to the program.

“Our ultimate goal is to show these people and their communities that they are all loved and accepted by God."

- Rev. Eliya Petro Local pastor

"Little by little the bad attitudes toward people with disabilities is changing through the volunteers' work."

- George Mwale Congregation program chairman and volunteer

Aubrey's Story

Aubrey was born with cerebral palsy and couldn't walk, talk, or feed himself. But then disability ministry volunteers showed up and over the course of three years the story of his life changed.

How it works


Worship at the Cross

Worship at the Cross (Jesus Cares Ministry) is a modified worship service that provides spiritual healing to those living with disabilities and their families. Volunteers do this by creating a space where God can be worshiped by all in the ways that work best for them.

"It's encouraging how much Worship at the Cross encourages my daughter to read her Bible on her own. It shows her she is well-loved by God." – Annie, mother of a child in the disability ministry


Home-Based Care

Home-Based Care is provided by skilled volunteers who offer basic physical therapy to those with disabilities. The healing also extends to family members through education that empowers them to be advocates for their child or family member against common misconceptions and stigmas that exist in their communities. Creating communities that are accepting and understanding starts by changing the landscape and conversation surrounding those living with disabilities.

It all began with a conversation.A young boy with disabilities was living nearby, and he and his family desperately needed care. When disability ministry volunteers arrived, they met little White and his...

Featured Blog Post

White's Story

Liana Tyrrell5/2/2021 8:37:18 AM

It all began with a conversation.

A young boy with disabilities was living nearby, and he and his family desperately needed care. When disability ministry volunteers arrived, they met little White and his mother Olivia. Olivia was stretched thin caring for her six children, and the whole family was malnourished.

White could barely sit up by himself, let alone walk. His stomach was distended and his hair was the distinctive rusty color of malnourished children. Volunteers knew they could offer physical aid but realized that a deeper level of care was also needed.



Impact Results

Read our latest Impact Snapshot to see how our Ministry to People with Disabilities program is giving individuals with disabilities in Malawi a better life. 

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