Health Education & Illness Prevention

Getting to many of the rural villages in Indonesia requires driving off road, across rivers, and up steep mountain passes. In places where health care is needed but unavailable, teams of volunteer nurses and medical professionals run free clinics to provide check-ups and educational presentations on a range of topics from heart health to women’s health. Educational workshops and sessions have a huge impact on people’s physical health, but the gospel-based approach to health shows people that God cares about their bodies as well as their souls.  


1400+ people served


170+ local volunteers

Forever God's Flowers: A Period Piece

Talking about female health and menstruation is still a taboo topic in many places around the world. In rural Indonesia and beyond we're working with local communities to make Christ-centered conversations about women's health possible.

“I enjoyed getting to do this because you can see that the women enjoy it—they enjoy learning about themselves and their health.”

- Diah Local nurse, Women's Heath

How it works

Partner with churches

Through our partnerships with local churches we are able to understand the unique health challenges facing each community. We work together to discover the root cause of the issues so that practical and effective solutions can be implemented. Each solution works within the local culture instead of working against it, ensuring higher adoption rates of new health practices. 


Partner with health professionals

Local and visiting health professionals alike travel long hours to reach the rural villages that benefit from the educational workshops and sessions they run in their free time. By working with local and visiting volunteer health professionals we provide Jesus-centered health education and free clinics so that people can see that God has healing for both their physical and spiritual lives. 

What our volunteers have to say



“This experience was beautiful. Making disciples of ALL nations took on a whole new meaning for me. The Lord is constant…everywhere.”



"Our responsibility is just to give them health education and God will do more."

Volunteer your skills as a health professional

We are often looking for health professionals to volunteer their time and skills in Indonesia.