Health and Wellness Support

Fear and lack of health knowledge often deter community members in Chile from prioritizing preventive care, which leads to individuals suffering from preventable diseases like obesity and diabetes. And while many community members claim to know God, they do not know His saving grace or feel the peace that He provides. The Health and Wellness Support program is working to change this. The program connects the community of Linares, Chile and neighboring towns to their Savior and His healing by offering preventive care workshops and equipping local volunteers to lead Wellness Groups where knowledge is transformed into practice.


Programa vida en equilibrio

Los chilenos están sufriendo enfermedades que pueden prevenir. El equipo de Kingdom Workers busca conectar a la comunidad de Linares a través de talleres que proveen conocimiento real y verdadero sobre la salud física y espiritual para prevenir el sufrimiento que causan estas enfermedades, en un trabajo en conjunto con los miembros de la comunidad, a través de grupos de Bienestar.

Healthy living

50% of Wellness Circle participants reported exercising at least 120 minutes/week. Before, only 4% did

Building community

95% of participants are now connected to Christian community

Sharing faith

84% of participants feel comfortable sharing their faith. Before, only 79% did

The impact of this program

Download our one-page report to see how people's lives are being changed in Chile.

“There is no doubt that being part of this initiative has helped me improve my wellness both physically and spiritually."

- Jessica Program participant

"For many years I prayed to God for an opportunity to serve Him more directly and He showed me Kingdom Workers."

- Carla Alegría Community Mission Worker

"I'm truly thankful I had the privilege to be in a Wellness Circle with Kingdom Workers. I highly recommend being in a group like this, because it helped me a lot."

- Ana O. member of Chile Wellness Circle

How it works

Cómo lo hacemos juntos

Partner with the local health professionals 

Educational workshops tackle pervasive misconceptions about preventive care and how to care for the bodies that God has given us. Kingdom Workers partners with community health experts and creates opportunities for them to share their preventive care knowledge and strategies with community members through preventive care seminars. These seminars focus on preventing and decreasing the prevalence of obesity and diabetes in the Linares community. The preventive care seminars provide opportunities for the Kingdom Workers to connect with new community members and invite them to participate in Wellness Groups.

Trabajar con profesionales expertos de salud

Los talleres educativos enfrentan ideas preconcebidas acerca de los cuidados preventivos y sobre cómo cuidar a los cuerpos que Dios nos ha dado. Kingdom Workers se asocia con profesionales expertos de salud de la comunidad para crear oportunidades para compartir su conocimiento del cuidado preventivo y ayudar a los miembros de nuestra comunidad. Estos talleres se enfocan en la prevención y disminución de índices de Obesidad y Diabetes en la comunidad de Linares. Los talleres sobre Cuidados Preventivos proveerán oportunidades para el Equipo de Kingdom Workers Chile conectar nuevos miembros de la comunidad e invitarlos a participar de los Grupos de Bienestar.

Connect physical health with spiritual health

Wellness Groups give like-minded individuals spiritual motivation to care for their bodies and to tackle social norms surrounding food and nutrition. Kingdom Workers trains Chilean Christian leaders to run Wellness Groups which introduce habit-changing conversations and address barriers related to social pressure, culture, personal behaviors, and beliefs surrounding health.

Faith and the role of Jesus in the lives of the participants are integrated into the wellness curriculum. This gives leaders opportunities to emphasize the God of grace in everyday living and motivation while Kingdom Workers focuses on supporting the group leaders with ongoing training and resources. The Wellness Groups create opportunities for group leaders to have conversations about Jesus, faith, and Christian living in the context of personal health.

Conectar el bienestar físico con el bienestar espiritual

Los Grupos de Bienestar entregan a las personas una motivación espiritual para cuidar a sus cuerpos y romper las normas sociales acerca de la comida y la nutrición. Kingdom Workers entrena a líderes cristianos Chilenos para ser parte de los Grupos de Bienestar, los cuales introducen conversaciones sobre cambios de hábitos y cómo traspasar barreras sociales de presión, cultura, hábitos personales y creencias sobre la salud, siempre mostrando el amor de Dios en la vida de los participantes.

La fe y el papel de Jesús en la vida de los participantes están integrados en el plan de estudios de bienestar. Los líderes entregan oportunidades para empatizar con la Gracia de Dios en sus vidas diariamente mientras el Equipo de Kingdom Workers los apoya con capacitaciones y recursos continuos. Los Grupos de Bienestar crean oportunidades para que los líderes del grupo tengan conversaciones sobre Jesús, la fe y la vida Cristiana en el contexto de la salud personal.



The link between an identity in Christ and a healthier life

How does this program connect people to Christ? This is a common questions our Chile Program Coordinator, Elise Gross is asked. Read her blog here to see how this program helps program participants form healthier habits both physically and spiritually.  

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