Apache Reservations, United States

DIY Home Repair Workshops

On the White Mountain Apache Reservation, home repair workshops and Christian friendships are key building blocks in sharing the gospel. Due to low income and other significant factors, many homes are in disrepair and homeowners often don’t have the knowledge or proper tools to fix their house. To address this, the program focuses on using the skills and talents of local and visiting volunteers to serve those on the reservations through Christ-centered DIY workshops. The workshops allow families to gain the needed skills to repair their own homes while experiencing Christian service and learning about their Savior. Each workshop starts with a meal, a gospel-centered devotion, an introduction to tools and supplies, and finishes with a demonstration of skills at an Apache community member’s home.


163 people served


37 local volunteers

Bringing hope back to the Apache reservations

“This program is going to impact the community...and this gives me hope.”

- Amber Local volunteer

"We want to do this work so that we can share God's love with members of our community."

- Tommy Local volunteer

Creating change in the Apache community

Having the vision to see a brighter future requires looking at the world around you with the right set of eyes. When Godly hope comes into a community, He shows people what is possible and the Holy Spirit works on hearts to inspire real change. That's what is happening at the Apache reservation—hope is making a comeback because people are seeing the world through the lens of God's truths and wisdom. READ MORE 

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