Autism Support

In Japan, Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis doesn't happen until a child is seven years old or older. In the United States children are diagnosed around age three. This delay in diagnosis means that Japanese children often don't receive the care or attention they need during key developmental years. There is also a lack of understanding or support offered to parents of children with autism. But our Autism Support program is working to provide parents with the training and resources they need to not only care for their child, but also get to know their Savior.


Sharing Jesus

Comic-book style bible stories were created and translated into Japanese to share the gospel in a fun, engaging way


26 people served through program efforts

“It’s nice to have someone to share the burden.”

- Caregiver Program Participant

How it works

Support groups

One of best ways to provide the kind of care and support a family or caregiver needs is to develop friendships with them. Our Autism Support program meets with families to understand their struggles and develop a plan to provide necessary resources. During these meetings, we not only share practical tips for how parents can care for and love their child with autism, but we also share the encouraging message of Jesus. 

Impact Story

Before 2020, we didn't know how big of a need there was for an Autism Support program in Japan. But that all changed after one brave parent asked a question that our staff and volunteers in Japan were not expecting. READ NOW.