All Saints Rural Health Services

In Nigeria, life expectancy is just 53 years old* and there are only 4 physicians per 10,000** people. All Saints Rural Health Services (ASRHS) volunteers do all they can to help combat this health crisis by providing basic health services and education to people in communities far away from any hospital or medical facility. In addition to providing for people's physical needs, these volunteers also share the healing message of the gospel with those they care for. 


7,000+ people served since 2016


100+ local volunteers


2,000+ volunteer hours

"Our program is using health care messages and the gospel to visit homes and evangelize to our people so they will know God."

- Joy Orim Local volunteer

"The main purpose of the volunteers' work is to share the gospel and health knowledge, which they gain in their workshops, through home visits."

- Peter Volunteer Coordinator

How it works

Partner with local women

All Saints Rural Health Services (ASRHS) is a community health volunteer organization that consists of 46 women from 23 different congregations in Cross River State, Nigeria. In 2016 Kingdom Workers began its partnership with these female volunteers to help supply them with light medical education and evangelism training through a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) model. The health trainings cover a broad range of topics such as: water and sanitation, preventative measures for malaria, STDs, HIV, and how to have effective conversations about faith. 

Share the gospel by providing care

After receiving training, volunteers go throughout their community to provide light medical care and education while also preaching the good news of the gospel. Volunteers recommend immunization to children, refer sick children to the local hospital, and encourage people they serve to continue to attend church. The pre-established relationships these women have with the communities they serve opens the door for them to have impactful conversations about faith as they work to treat illnesses and educate families on preventative measures to keep them healthy.  

My Nigerian Colleagues

One of the main reasons why this program works so well is that is is backed and supported by the people who live there. When Michael Toppe, PA-C, first arrived in Nigeria he had no idea what kind of program would emerge. But after seeing the dedication and passion that the local volunteers had for this ministry, he knew they were on to something special. Read More. 


Make a lasting impact

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*WHO: WHO: Global Health Observatory
**WHO: Global Atlas of the Health Workforce