September 13, 2022



Jason Paltzer, PhD



September 13, 2022



New Center addresses health needs in communities around the globe.


  • The Meros Center is a research and training community with a Christian worldview
  • Meros offers participants relevant research, evaluation tools, training, and connections that are often difficult to find
  • Research projects are underway; certification and continuing education courses will begin in 2023


MILWAUKEE—Kingdom Workers and Wisconsin Lutheran College announce the establishment of a new center that focuses on community health research and training through a Christian lens in the US and internationally.

Named the Meros Center, research projects at the Center are already underway, and an official launch is planned for November this year.

“Meros is a Greek word meaning a part or portion of something,” said Dr. Jason Paltzer, executive director of the Center. “It highlights that we all have a part in improving health and Christian health research is a piece of this puzzle. In the Meros Center, we’ve created a research and training community where faith-based health organizations, researchers and learners can find the support they need to measure, innovate and share their impact.”

The hallmark of the Center’s research-driven strategies, innovation and education in health ministry is its collaborative approach. It allows Christian health organizations to develop and guide the research process. Participants can find relevant research, evaluation tools, training, and connections that are often difficult to find.

Professional certification and continuing education opportunities are offered to increase the quality and excellence of the practice of health ministry in cross-cultural settings. Products offered will include online flexible courses for continuing education and research-support services, and are to begin during the spring semester of the 2022-23 academic year.

“Wisconsin Lutheran College is thrilled to partner with Kingdom Workers to bring this new and innovative approach to community health and ministry to help our broken and hurting world,” said Dr. Daniel W. Johnson, President.


The Meros Center's offerings are unique in that they provide the intersection of global community health with Christian faith-based research. In collaboration with partners, the Center offers established fields for applied practice, professional learning, and community-based research. Students of the Center will gain robust and practical experience to better serve people where they are in ways not currently available through any other Christian institution.

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