Jesus Cares

Uniting for Greater Impact

Together, Jesus Cares and Kingdom Workers will continue serving with compassion and spreading the good news of Jesus.

We are thrilled to announce that Jesus Cares Ministries is transitioning to Kingdom Workers, marking a significant addition to our mission. For the past 25 years, The Lutheran Home Association has faithfully shared the gospel with individuals with disabilities through Jesus Cares. We have always held this organization in high regard, recognizing its profound impact on countless lives. Now, we embrace the opportunity to carry forward its legacy of love and compassion.

Kingdom Workers has been a partner with Jesus Cares since 2013, when we worked together to bring Worship at the Cross (a modified service for those with disabilities) to our disability programs in Grenada and Malawi, touching the lives of hundreds of participants with the transforming power of the gospel. Together, with our aligned values and approaches, Kingdom Workers hopes to reach even more people, extending the hope, healing, and inclusive love of Jesus to all who need it.

We invite you to be part of this new chapter in Kingdom Workers' story. Your support is instrumental in improving lives both physically and spiritually, and we are grateful for your partnership. With your continued generosity and prayers, we can expand our reach, deepen our partnerships, and bring God's love to even more individuals and communities around the world.

Together, we can make an eternal impact.

Make a change on every level.

Together, we can ensure seamless integration of Jesus Cares into the Kingdom Workers’ family, allowing us to continue providing the vital programs and services that bring healing and hope to the lives of individuals within all our programs.

Real lives. Real transformation.

150+ programs

Jesus Cares offers Bible classes, where volunteers teach using the tailored Dear Christian Friends curriculum; Worship at the Cross is a thoughtfully designed service to make worship meaningful for people with disabilities and New Friends allows churches and groups to cultivate relationships with people with disabilities through events.

2,600+ individuals served

Approximately 80% of people with disabilities and their families report feeling unwelcome in church. More of these precious lives God loves are being welcomed with open arms through Jesus Cares programs around the world.

1,500+ volunteers

Volunteers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge through comprehensive training, preparing them to make a meaningful impact, while also fostering a sense of fellowship and community among like-minded individuals passionate about serving others and spreading God's love.

Aubrey's Story

Aubrey, a boy who was unable to walk, experienced transformation through Worship at the Cross and our disability program, gaining mobility while learning the love of Jesus.

It all began with a conversation.A young boy with disabilities was living nearby, and he and his family desperately needed care. When disability ministry volunteers arrived, they met little White and his...

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White's Story

Liana Tyrrell5/2/2021 8:37:18 AM

It all began with a conversation.

A young boy with disabilities was living nearby, and he and his family desperately needed care. When disability ministry volunteers arrived, they met little White and his mother Olivia. Olivia was stretched thin caring for her six children, and the whole family was malnourished.

White could barely sit up by himself, let alone walk. His stomach was distended and his hair was the distinctive rusty color of malnourished children. Volunteers knew they could offer physical aid but realized that a deeper level of care was also needed.