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Watch Abdul’s story

Fear used to control Abdul. Now he is free.


Abdul's Story from Kingdom Workers on Vimeo.


For Abdul, living with albinism used to mean living in constant fear. Misconceptions about the cause of albinism made him cautious of interacting with others. But Abdul was able to connect with our disability ministry in Malawi. And, thanks to the support of people like you, Abdul was introduced to his Savior and found Christian community.

Living with albinism means facing danger every day:


Since 2014, reported crimes against Malawians with albinism has risen to 163+ cases including 22 murders.*


Some Malawians believe the bones of people with albinism hold special powers. Others believe they are liars and can’t be trusted.


Albinism is a genetic condition that prevents the body from producing or distributing melanin.

“We live in fear.”

– Abdul

The Solution

While albinism doesn’t cause physical disabilities, those with albinism in Malawi face severe discrimination, judgment, and threats from their communities. This is why our disability ministry has made it a point to include them in our work. 

Aid & Inclusion

Sunscreen is difficult, if not impossible, to find in Malawi, so sunscreen and hats are provided to individuals like little Elena.

God’s Word

At the same time, spiritual needs are met by connecting people like Abdul to the Bible and God’s love through direct gospel proclamation and worship opportunities.

Before Kingdom Workers, Abdul knew little about Jesus.

Abdul was raised Muslim, but when he was sent to live with relatives 300 miles away he began practicing Christianity. Then he heard about a church that could supply him with sunscreen. It was there that he connected with the disability ministry. 


The disability ministry introduced him to people who helped him explore the Bible and answered his questions. His faith began to grow. Now Abdul is not only a program participant with the disability ministry, he is a dedicated volunteer!



“I am a changed person. When I was a Muslim, I was unaware of some things about God. Being a Christian now I can read God’s words regularly.”

– Abdul

Together we’re changing lives in real, tangible ways

Abdul volunteers with the disability ministry to help both those with albinism and those with disabilities. “I want people to understand us fully,” Abdul says. “If they understand us fully, it will be easier for them to support us.”

Your gift expands our reach in Malawi and beyond.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10

Stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding albinism in Malawi instill fear, and separate people like Abdul from the rest of society. This keeps people with albinism from living the lives God created them to live. It keeps them from experiencing the freedom found in Jesus.

You can bring God’s truth and acceptance to people who need Jesus’ love and forgiveness.



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Names and images may have been changed for privacy or security.
*Amnesty International