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Provide physical and spiritual care around the world

Together, we’re mobilizing local believers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their neighbors around the world. We do this by partnering with local communities to discover and overcome their greatest obstacles. Obstacles like needing clean water, access to disability care, or opportunities to pursue a career in the trades. While our ministries vary, our commitment to sharing the gospel and changing lives remains the same. 


We help people pursue and build upon their God-given skills.


We introduce people to Jesus.


We support local people as they bring this change to their communities.


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World Water Day 2021

Clean Water

Providing entire communities with direct access to clean water

1704 Kwdisabilityministry 25

Disability Care

Sending life-changing medical care to individuals with disabilities, and support for their parents and caregivers as well

Week 11 006

Safe Housing

Teaching basic home repair skills so that homeowners can create a safer environment for their families

KW2020 Youthconstruction Kingdomprep 31

Youth Development

Connecting at-risk youth to skills training and mentorship opportunities that instill confidence and help them dream for the future

Building Up: The Kingdom


Follow Kenny, a participant in our Build Up: Mentoring Teens in Trades program, as he goes to school, learns trade skills at Build Up projects, and gains experience at his new apprenticeship with Weather Tight.


“Everything has to tie back to your faith and what you believe in. So, whether that's spiritually, whether that's at a job, anything, I'll put my faith before everything.”

- Kenny Build Up Participant

Build Up gave Kenny a new direction

Before connecting with Kingdom Workers, Kenny didn't quite know what he wanted to do after high school. But when his principal at Kingdom Prep told Kenny about a new program that connected young people to construction training, Kenny signed up. Since then, Kenny has not only grown in his knowledge of trades skills, but also in his confidence to live his faith.

Read Kenny's story

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