You want to make a difference

Planned giving is for people who believe in a better future—like you!

Planned giving isn't just for people with investment portfolios.

There's no age restriction on making a difference. You don't have to wait until you're older to take steps to change the world. By starting planned giving as a young adult you'll be able to grow alongside your gift and know that the blessings God has given you are being used to benefit others.

Your free planned giving guide includes:

  • How planned giving can support your goals
  • Tips for putting together your own future financial plan
  • Advice from a respected Christian financial advisor
  • Methods of planned giving that fit your lifestyle
  • How to prepare for meeting with a financial advisor

Download the Christian Guide to Planned Giving Under 40

"The intentionality of the planning focuses your thoughts and purposes on how you will handle the blessings received from our Lord. It reminds you who really owns what you have been blessed with!"

- Kelly Hahn Christian Financial Advisor

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