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Kessia Boche

Foster Care Support

I have spent most of the past 17 years working in schools in Milwaukee, WI. I love the work that Kingdom Workers does—impacting lives by providing Christian welfare, sharing the good news of the gospel, and training local leaders to provide sustainability for their program. When I heard about the opportunity to work with Kingdom Workers to provide support to vulnerable children and the families caring for them, I felt called to be a part of that team.

James 1:27 calls us to care for the fatherless, and there are many ways to do that. Not everyone has the ability to become a foster parent, but this program will allow people to have a direct line to care for these children by either becoming a foster parent, providing care for the foster families, or providing financial support for the program to operate effectively.

The number of children in foster care is currently two to three times higher than normal largely due to the opioid epidemic. At the same time, up to 80% of foster parents opt out of the program within two years because of lack of support. But with support, 90% of foster parents continue fostering. Kingdom Workers’ Foster Support program will build teams of Christians to support families who are fostering so that we can keep families engaged in the foster care system and encourage new families to join.

Before we can begin serving these families, we must ensure the financial stability of this program. People may not be able to take a foster child into their home, but making a monthly commitment between $50-250 will make a significant impact on these families’ lives. These donations ensure the coordination of families’ needs being met, proper training being available and utilized, and monthly fellowship dinners planned to build relationships between families and their support team.


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