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Jason Paltzer

Public health ministry

Flourishing communities glorifying God and serving others—this is my vision. Health has always been an interest of mine and I see public health as a ministry tool to achieve this. 

With an education in public health and population health science, I spent the last 20 years living in Zambia serving the Lutheran Church of Central Africa, developing church-based health programs for Kingdom Workers, and teaching in Christian universities. God has used this experience to nurture my desire to work through the local church to minister to the whole person through public health. My vision is to support communities of believers with faith-based health research and strengthen our understanding of how local churches engage communities.  

In a recent study, I found that more than 70% of smaller Christian health and development organizations are interested in learning about improving their work but lack the resources and time to explore different models and strategies (Christian Journal for Global Health.) We also know that in the US, less than 10% of adults understand what it means to have a biblical worldview. The Center I plan to develop will address these barriers to identify new strategies for community health and evangelism and train a new generation of health ministry leaders with a biblical worldview. Data from our partner programs will tell a story and be woven into our Kingdom work, the learning curve in bridging faith and health will shorten and be accessible to more people globally. 

Please consider joining my support network to invest in this new and innovative Christian Center as a joint venture between Kingdom Workers and Wisconsin Lutheran College. Your investment will create more opportunities for global health ministry and help communities thrive through church-community engagement, health, and Christian discipleship. Thank you for your prayers and trust in the Center to bring the love of Jesus to a hurting and broken world.

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