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Thanks to my childhood as a missionary kid on the island of Antigua, I have always had vivid imagery of heaven in my mind—where truly every nation, tribe, people, and language stand before the throne praising God, people so different and yet so incredibly similar brought together by their Redeemer and friend. I spent my college days and early teaching years digging into social sciences and culture, and truly loved spending four years in urban ministry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When the opportunity arose to serve in Chile through Kingdom Workers, my husband and I jumped right in, excited to see more of God's kingdom and to serve Him in roles centered on sharing the gospel.

Recent research and diagnostic work reveal that Kingdom Workers has an opportunity to meet spiritual and physical needs in our community of Linares, Chile. While many community members claim to know God, they do not know His saving grace or feel the peace that He provides. Linares is also experiencing rising rates of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. A staggering 44.5% of Chilean children are obese. Chile has the highest prevalence of diabetes in South America and while the government has implemented opportunities for free preventive testing, fear and a lack of health knowledge deter many community members from prioritizing preventive care.

While these stats can be intimidating, they also are an open invitation to serve, compelled by Christ's love. Kingdom Workers in Chile aims to connect the community of Linares and neighboring towns to their Savior and Great Physician through offering preventive care workshops and equipping local volunteers to lead accountability groups where knowledge is transferred into practice. Community members will be able to walk along with others in their health journeys. They will also be exposed to faith communities where God's love is shared and deeper discussions guide them to think about habits and purpose through a spiritual lens.

You might never be able to visit Linares in person, but making a monthly commitment between $50-250 will allow you to be a part of the Linares mission field. Your donations empower this program to grow and impact more individuals and families. I feel incredibly privileged that God is allowing me to be a part of His work in Chile and I am excited to extend an invitation to you to become a part of it, too.


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