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Clay Raasch

International Programs

I serve as the Director of International Programs at Kingdom Workers. My focus is on expanding into new fields while strengthening and growing our work in the existing fields in which we serve.

My path to Kingdom Workers had a long arc. After 29 years of engineering work punctuated with expanding into new geographies, I wanted to apply that experience to Gospel outreach ministry. What can an engineering background provide to Kingdom Workers?

The answer may not be obvious.

However, my experience managing both domestic and international teams provided me a framework upon which to build a strong, multinational team. Working for a niche firm with a motto to “do one thing uncommonly well” taught me the importance of sharpening my team’s focus. Uprooting my family three times to serve in the place I was most needed by my employer prepared me to encourage team members relocating to a new or growing KW field. My time managing software partnerships has taught me how to be a faithful partner to those with whom we co-labor, be it within a local church or the mission leaders of a CELC partner. Opening three new locations for my longtime employer prepared me to assist our Malawi team to add a second location to better serve congregations in Central Malawi. That experience also prepared me for my present assignment of identifying three currently unserved fields (countries) with unmet needs, and by the end of 2022 engineering a means to build local ownership plus Kingdom Workers programming to serve those needs.

Could God use highly skilled Kingdom Workers along with a partner organization in a foreign field with an understanding of local culture to reach an unreached people group with the Gospel? I know that he can and pray that he will. This is my earnest desire.

Perhaps best, in my role, I revel at the opportunity to introduce you to team members at Kingdom Workers who are serving the spiritual and physical needs of others. They may be delivering water solutions in Timor, South Sudan, or Malawi, or caring for those with physical and learning disabilities in Grenada or Japan, or inducing healthy living and Bible study habits with small groups in Chile—but above all, these people are connecting others to the life-changing love of Jesus.

Speaking through the Apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians, God tells us that we are his handiwork, “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” In placing me on a seemingly circuitous route to Kingdom Workers, I am certain God was preparing me for my present mission.

Will you support me in this important work?

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