Cognitive Delay Assessment and Support

The Cognitive Delay Assessment and Support program is providing accommodations and alternate strategies to help children with cognitive disabilities and delays. The island of Grenada has limited special needs resources, so local volunteers are filling this void through tools like HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopmental Learning Efficiency) by working at special education schools with students, teachers, and parent groups. Special needs are broad, so HANDLE is used to ensure that individuals in the program are met with care and understanding.

The care and attention given to each individual allows for personalized gospel proclamation to take place, opening the door for the Holy Spirit to create and strengthen faith while developing meaningful Christian friendships that encourage faith growth.

"As the volunteers in the program go into homes and into schools with physical assistance for kids with special needs, they also carry with them God's word."

Brenda W.

Visiting Volunteer

Watch Brenda and other volunteers in action

Brenda is passionate about the mission of the Cognitive Delay Assessment and Support program on the island of Grenada. She played a big role in getting the program set up for success in its beginnings. When talking about her time in Grenada, she shared, “While in Grenada I was blessed to see the gospel at work through the church’s desire to show Jesus’ love to individuals with special needs.”

All it takes is the boldness of a few.

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