Ministry to People with Disabilities

In Malawi, where people with disabilities are often ostracized, a church group working within their community sends a powerful message of God’s love. The Disability Ministry partners with the Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) Malawi Synod to equip lay people in reaching out to families and individuals living with physical and/or developmental disabilities. For the last two years, the Christ-centered care and support of those with disabilities in Malawi bring physical and spiritual healing to more than 700 people each year.

Reaching out involves a two-fold approach of Worship at the Cross (Jesus Cares Ministry), a modified worship service, and home-based care in which trained volunteers to provide basic physical therapy to those with disabilities at their home. This education and frequent encouragement to the family are often vital tools for empowering caretakers to advocate for their child or family member against common harmful misconceptions and stigmas that may exist in their communities.


1,100+ people with special needs and their family members are served.


100% of participants see an improvement in daily living (walking, communication, bathing, etc.).


95% of home-based care parents and caretakers teach others about disabilities.

“Our aim is that these people… understand that they are a child of God.”

Rev. Eliya Petro

Local pastor

Impact Story

With no resources in her area for the deaf and mute, Anastasia spent the first six years of her life unable to express herself. But with the help of Disability Ministry volunteers, a series of signs were developed so that she and her family could communicate. Her grandmother is thankful that others can now get to know the intelligent, funny, and creative girl she has watched grow up. Best of all, Anastasia can now “hear” the message of Christ’s love for her at Worship at the Cross and is attending a special school for deaf children through the Disability Ministry’s tuition assistance.


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