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Foster Support Program

Strong foster families are needed now more than ever.

With the number of children in foster care on the rise due to the opioid epidemic, there is a greater need for strong foster families. By creating a network of motivated and caring Christians, foster families will have the necessary emotional and physical support available to them in order to continue caring for children who need the love and structure they receive from their foster parents.

Nearly 500,000

children are in foster care in the United States.

Without support

up to 80% of families stop fostering after 2 years.

But with support

up to 90% of foster families continue fostering children.

Our goal

"Showing someone that they are valued and cared for and loved goes so far in helping people who are hurting and broken when they know the motivation behind it is Christ's love."

Kessia Boche

Foster Support Program Coordinator

How it works

1. Recruit more foster families 

Foster parents are on the front lines when it comes to addressing the needs of foster children. With nearly 500,000 children in the foster care system, strong foster families are key to providing love and care to the children and biological parents who are struggling. For those who feel that God has placed them in a position to help, the Foster Support program is a great place to start gathering information about the fostering process. We'll help you get connected with local agencies, and even start getting a Family Care Team set up so that you have the encouragement you need to continue changing the lives of foster children.


2. Surround foster families with their own Family Care Team

Having a reliable group of people to turn to in a time of need takes a lot of stress off of foster parents. Each Family Care Team consists of 6-8 people who will walk alongside the foster family and support the parents by providing things like childcare, light home maintenance, meal prep, and more. After all, foster parents need to know they are loved children of God, too.    


3. Strengthen and support more families 

Foster parents in your church
Foster families that are already part of your congregation need a church community that is accepting and supportive. Stepping up to encourage foster families in Christian love is one way you can actively show them how much Jesus cares for them.

Foster parents in your neighborhood
Foster parents work around the clock to care for the needs of their foster children. Offering to support foster parents in your area opens up opportunities to demonstrate Christ's love to not just the foster parents, but their foster children and the biological parents as well. 

Biological parents
The ultimate goal of foster care is to reunite children with their biological parents. For this reason, biological parents often form relationships with the families caring for their children. When you make a point to encourage foster families in their walk with Christ, you are also making connections to share the gospel and love of Jesus with the biological parents. 


What foster parents are saying

Mandy - Foster Parent


"I cannot thank Kingdom Workers enough for how much help you have been through the holidays."

Melissa - Foster Parent


"I was telling my husband that I feel like we won the lottery!"

Tim - Foster Parent

Nancy & Tim

"Kingdom Workers has been helpful because they've given us support so that we can give care to the kids we have without overextending ourselves."

Volunteer in Southeast Wisconsin

Whether it’s for one day or an entire season of life, your commitment to serving foster families makes a difference. Long-term volunteer opportunities include adopting a foster family by joining a Family Care Team. Short-term volunteer opportunities can be something as simple as offering to drive kids to school or helping with a church event.

The Foster Support program is currently running in Southeast Wisconsin, but future locations will be added as the program develops. If you are interested in your town being next, please contact us for more information.

It starts with you

Share the love of Jesus with a child in need through your time and gifts.


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Disclaimer Regarding Foster Care Agencies: Any information provided by Kingdom Workers regarding foster parenting, including information regarding agencies that license foster parents or make decisions regarding placement of foster children (collectively, “Foster Care Agencies”) is intended for informational purposes only. Inclusion of any particular Foster Care Agency in the information provided by Kingdom Workers does not represent an endorsement by Kingdom Workers. Further, Kingdom Workers has no control over decisions made by Foster Care Agencies, which are independent third-party organizations.