Apache Reservations, United States

East Fork Youth Garden

The gardening program in East Fork, Arizona uses Jesus’ parables to inspire and educate children and families about gardening and the gospel. Health concerns on the reservations are addressed by combining basic gardening skill lessons with games, meals, and bible studies in a peaceful, productive environment. Together with Kingdom Workers volunteers, they pray for rain, blessings on the harvest, and peace for families. The benefits of this program extend beyond just feeding and nourishing the body to feeding and nourishing the soul.


124 people served


71% of participants agree with the statement, “I eat foods that are healthy for me.”


86% agree with the statement, “I can pray with my friends.”

Benefits of garden-based learning

  • Real world, hands-on experiences
  • The joy and dignity of work
  • Improved nutrition, diet, and health
  • Behavioral benefits like decreased absenteeism and discipline problems


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