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Builders For Christ

All across the United States, and even internationally, Builders For Christ volunteers are making it possible for churches and organizations to reach more people with God’s word. From helping congregations and schools renovate or build their facility to post-disaster rebuilding and emergency repairs, Builders For Christ volunteers make it their mission to use their construction and building skills to help further the Kingdom.



1,800+ people served


30,000+ sq feet built last year

“We just feel that this is a huge blessing for us. We enjoy working with the people and being part of a big family. We come away from these things feeling more blessed every time.”


Builders For Christ volunteer

How it works

Partner with churches and schools in need

There are many reasons why a church or school might request help from Builders For Christ. It might be a desire to expand their facilities in order to reach more people or a need to repair damages after a natural disaster. Builders For Christ works alongside local leadership to see what can be done and how best they can meet their needs.

Combine the skills of local and visiting volunteers

Builders For Christ is a volunteer-based program that utilizes the construction skills, talents, and knowledge to help share the gospel through construction and building projects. Visiting volunteers often stay to help on projects for weeks at a time, teaching and training local volunteers while forming new friendships. 

Panama City

When Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, Florida whole communities were devastated. Amazing Grace Lutheran was one of the structures badly damaged by the category 4 winds. When they asked for help, Builders For Christ partnered with Christian Aid and Relief to answer the call. READ MORE

Volunteer with Builders For Christ

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