All Saints Rural Health Services

In parts of Nigeria, where diseases are seen as a result of witchcraft and disabilities are believed to be due to sins committed by the person or their parents, All Saints Rural Health Services (ASRHS) has been providing basic health services and education to those in need since 2009. They empower and train the local women from the parish who visit the sick, homebound, and those in additional need of spiritual support. With Nigeria’s life expectancy in the mid to low 50’s, this program provides a better quality of life centered around the life-saving power of the gospel.


295 People Served


49 local volunteers

"The main purpose of the volunteers' work is to share the gospel and health knowledge gained in their workshops through home visits."


Volunteer Coordinator

Combating the "brain drain" in Nigeria

Rose wanted to do something about the health crisis in Nigeria. All around her people were dying from diseases and illnesses that were entirely preventable. But she didn’t have the proper training or the ability to go back to school. But God placed a desire in Rose’s heart to be bold. READ MORE