All Saints Rural Health Services

In parts of Nigeria, where diseases are seen as a result of witchcraft and disabilities are believed to be due to sins committed by the person or their parents, All Saints Rural Health Services (ASRHS) has been providing basic health services and education to those in need since 2009. They empower and train the local women from the parish who visit the sick, homebound, and those in additional need of spiritual support. With Nigeria’s life expectancy in the mid to low 50’s, this program provides a better quality of life centered around the life-saving power of the gospel.


295 People Served


49 local volunteers

Impact Story

“Mrs. Lydia Orim Odey, one of the Kingdom Workers volunteers, visited a home after giving the necessary health talk and asked the mother about their Christian life. She discovered the child to have persistent diarrhea and so educated the woman on personal hygiene and gave the child an ORS sachet and zinc tablet, which was given to her at training. The diarrhea stopped and after two weeks, the woman came to the church with the child and the child was baptized. The woman was so grateful for the treatment and the words of God preached to her. She believes that, with God, all things are possible.” - Peter Ogbudu and Sunday Odey, Nigerian Public Health officials and chairmen of ASRHS