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Connect people to the healing power of the gospel

Viviana grew up Catholic but never felt connected to God. But that all began to change after she started attending our Wellness Circle support groups in Chile. Your donation connects more people like Viviana to the truth of the gospel. It supports our efforts to bring physical and spiritual healing to people in Chile and beyond. 

Support That Makes a Lasting Impact

What does it mean to sustain? For Kingdom Workers, it means coming together to create a better world by changing lives in tangible, meaningful, and impactful ways. It means rising to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people from all over the world.

When you join our SUSTAIN giving community and become a Kingdom Worker, you are not only answering the call to serve and witness to others, you are giving families around the world things like: direct access to clean water, the joy in watching their child with disabilities grow in confidence and independence, encounters with their Savior Jesus, and more. By providing support through your monthly gift, you are making a direct and lasting impact on the lives of others through mission programs that reflect God’s unyielding compassion and expand the transformative hope, power, and reach of the gospel.

$20,000 limited-time gift match: Oct. 10 - Nov. 5

To encourage you to join Sustain, two families have come together to generously offer a limited-time gift match up to $20,000. 

If 25 people join Sustain at $10-24/mo you unlock $5,000 of the match

If 25 people join Sustain at $25-49/mo you unlock $5,000 of the match

If 25 people join Sustain at $50-74/mo you unlock $5,000 of the match

If 25 people join Sustain at $75+/mo you unlock $5,000 of the match

One Time Gifts

No level of support is too small to make a difference. If you are unable to commit to a monthly gift at this time but are still interested in supporting the Kingdom Workers mission, please consider using the "One Time" gift option. Thank you for answering the call to help change lives all over the world.

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