Caribbean Program Coordinator

Department: Programs

Reports To: Director of International Programs

Status: Exempt (Salaried Position)

The responsibilities include, but are not limited to project management, budgets, development, implementation, and progress reporting. The Program Coordinator will coordinate with affiliated ministries in the Caribbean while delivering gospel and service to the people of the Caribbean in accordance with the mission, values, and strategic plan of Kingdom Workers.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee, direct and evaluate the work of all local KW staff in the Caribbean.
  • Focus on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of community health and well-being.
  • Work collaboratively with Grace Lutheran Grenada and affiliated ministries in the Caribbean to develop and administer new and existing projects.
  • Work in collaboration with the KW Volunteer Management Team to gather the needed information to create clear volunteer opportunity descriptions for recruitment.
  • Provide leadership and identify general service opportunities for cross-cultural Christian outreach to visiting and local teams.
  • Manage, recruit, source, and provide logistical support to all volunteers while ensuring they have access to proper worship, safe lodging, food, medical care, and transportation.
  • Collaborate with lawyers to write and update employment and non-profit contracts along with other legal obligations as necessary.
  • Maintain emergency action and contingency plans ensuring the safety of all KW staff and volunteers in the Caribbean.
  • Provide Christian leadership and direction.
  • Facilitate community engagement and partnerships.
  • Document and report outcomes, metrics, goals, and objectives of all proposed and ongoing KW activities in the Caribbean to Caribbean partners and the KW ministry team.
  • Maintain a master calendar of all current or planned Kingdom Worker projects, programs, opportunities, and volunteer activities.
  • Maintain government reporting and financial records for all KW activity in accordance with the legal requirements and accounting principles for Grenada, other Caribbean nations and the U.S.
  • Identify and mentor local leader(s) with the skills required to eventually assume the responsibilities of the Caribbean Program Coordinator position in the future.


Ministry Partner Development (MPD)

  • Build and maintain a community of supporters who embrace your work, are engaged in outcomes, and support your success through their prayers and donations.
  • Attend training and work with MPD Coordinator to learn how generate and maintain financial support for your mission.
  • Regularly update your support network with brand approved materials.

Read this study to learn more about the concept of Ministry Partner Development.



The KW Caribbean Program Coordinator must be a member in good standing of a church officially associated with the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, be able to obtain a driver's license, have demonstrated experience in a management position, and experience working in a cross-cultural environment. International and special needs experience is beneficial.


Education, Experience and Necessary Characteristics

  • A college degree in a relevant field.
  • Oral Communication—speaks clearly and persuasively; Listens attentively; Responds informatively to questions.
  • Written Communication—writes clearly and concisely; Presents data and associated narratives effectively.
  • Problem Solving—identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; Gathers and analyzes information competently; Develops alternative solutions.
  • Project Management—Coordinates projects; Communicates changes and progress; Completes projects on time and within budget; Manages project team activities.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively and manage multiple priorities and projects.
  • Able to think strategically and capable of creatively implementing programs to achieve measurable goals.
  • Understanding of participatory learning and action relative to community organizing and empowerment.
  • A true passion for reaching the lost, a commitment to outreach, good stewardship, and creating a work environment that fosters open and honest two-way communication.


Physical and Unique Demands

  • Understanding of hot vs. cold cultures is necessary.
  • Ability to travel by road, air, public transportation or other means.
  • Willing to be content living or working in conditions that may occasionally be less than ideal.
  • Capable of lifting and/or moving up to 50
  • Frequently required to walk, sit and stand.
  • Frequently required to utilize hand and finger dexterity.
  • Continually required to talk and hear.
  • Occasional exposure to wet and/or humid conditions.
  • Occasional exposure to outside weather conditions.


Note: Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

The above information describes the general duties and requirements necessary to perform the principle functions of the position. This shall not be construed as a detailed description of all the duties and requirements that may be necessary in this position.


For further information, contact:

Jon Boche, Director of International Programs, at 414-771-6848 or

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