Celebrating National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize and appreciate the vital role that foster families and support programs play in the lives of vulnerable children. At Kingdom Workers, we celebrate the incredible impact our Foster Support program has on the lives of foster children, families, and volunteers alike.

Lisa and Chad Rasmussen had been pursuing adoption for many years, facing heartbreak and disappointment along the way. Feeling called to give back and connect with others who shared their journey, they decided to volunteer with Kingdom Workers' Foster Support program.

Matched with the Walker family, Lisa, and Chad provided support through prayers, meals, and babysitting. Their compassionate help had a significant impact, enabling the Walkers to continue fostering and providing a stable home for foster children in need.

Inspired by the Walkers, Lisa and Chad realized they could start a family through fostering. "Visiting the Walkers' home opened our hearts to the possibility of becoming foster parents ourselves," Lisa shares. Witnessing a couple in a similar situation as ours—managing with the help of a supportive community—was deeply inspiring. Charlie's joy and well-being showed us the impact of fostering supported by a loving network."

Motivated by their experience, Lisa and Chad completed their journey to become licensed foster parents, supported by Kingdom Workers' extensive network of staff and volunteers. By summer, they achieved their license, and in October, they welcomed their first placement—a newborn baby.

Now, the journey has come full circle. Lisa and Chad are receiving support from Alexis, a volunteer they were matched with, demonstrating the profound impact of Kingdom Workers' foster support network.

Kingdom Workers Foster Support makes connecting with others easier for families like Lisa and Chad. Volunteers and foster families openly share and pray for one another's circumstances, creating an environment where asking for and offering help becomes second nature.

"I have difficulty asking for help; having someone proactively reach out when you need it is super beneficial," Lisa explains. Knowing volunteers understand this complicated journey, the support is more timely and impactful."

For Lisa and Chad, the answer to "Why foster?" is clear. "Fostering has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, opening my eyes to the needs within our community and leading us in a new direction of service and fulfillment," Lisa shares.

The support provided by Kingdom Workers' staff and volunteers helps make this possible by empowering foster families to provide a loving, stable environment for children in need.

Today, the Walkers maintain a close friendship with Lisa and Chad, praying together and encouraging one another while helping children like Daniel and Charlie find stable Christian homes. Their story exemplifies how we can show Christ-like love to our neighbors, experience God's goodness, and transform lives.

As we celebrate National Foster Care Month, we invite you to learn more about Kingdom Workers' Foster Support program and how you can make a difference in the lives of foster children and families. Visit kingdomworkers.com/volunteer to discover the many ways you can get involved and show love to those who need it most.

Together, we can provide the love, stability, and care every child deserves.


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