Kingdom Workers Sustain: The Power of Monthly Giving

Have you ever subscribed to something and then forgotten about it? I know I have, more times than I care to admit. In today's subscription culture, it's not uncommon to have recurring payments set up for everything from streaming services to meal kits to gym memberships. These subscriptions offer convenience, cost savings, and access to services or products we value. But what if your monthly subscription could also make a meaningful difference in people's lives?

At Kingdom Workers, we invite you to become a Sustain member and experience the power of monthly giving. Just like your favorite subscriptions, becoming a Sustain member offers benefits that make giving easier and more impactful. Your consistent support allows us to effectively plan and allocate funds to share Jesus's love, hope, and salvation with those who need it most. From offering DIY workshops on the Apache Reservation to providing Disability Care in Malawi and implementing water solutions in Indonesia, your monthly contribution makes our work possible.

So, why give monthly?

1. It's convenient (and easy) - Monthly giving is an easy and effective way to enhance your monetary impact on the cause you care about. The average monthly online donation is $52 ($624 per year), compared to the average one-time gift of $128. Setting up automatic monthly payments is convenient and allows you to contribute more annually through smaller increments.

2. Provides Stable Income for Programs - A monthly giving program provides Kingdom Workers with consistent income, allowing us to better budget and project funding needs and respond quickly to emergencies or unexpected events, like the drought in Indonesia or the cyclone in Malawi last year.

3. Maximizes Impact - Recurring donors have the highest lifetime financial return for nonprofits, 42% above fundraisers and 440% above one-time donors. Monthly gifts allow Kingdom Workers to allocate more funds directly to programs rather than fundraising, maximizing the impact of your donation.

4. Aligns with Kingdom Workers' Mission - We rely on the generosity of donors to further our gospel-centered mission. Becoming a monthly donor directly enables this work of meeting physical and spiritual needs while sharing Jesus' love.

Not a Sustain member yet? It's never too late to start! By joining our monthly giving program, you'll become a vital part of our mission. Set up your monthly gift today and experience the joy of making a lasting impact.

Already a Sustain member? Consider upgrading your monthly gift to help us reach even more people in need. Your increased support will enable us to expand our programs, respond to emergencies, and share the hope of Jesus with communities around the globe.

To start or increase your monthly gift, simply visit here.


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