The Water Crisis in Timor, Indonesia

It might be blamed on El Nino or a lack of infrastructure, but the reality remains for many people living in Timor and its remote villages: There is a drought happening and lives are being affected.

Many people living in remote villages rely on their water coming from springs. Working in dozens of villages, Kingdom Workers has worked alongside locals to develop water solutions for over a thousand people. But theres not much we can do about the water shortagethe lack of rain, and even drought conditions. Springs run slowly during the dry season, but its been more acute in the last couple of years. People who can afford to purchase water are, indeed, the fortunate ones. For many, purchasing water is a luxury they struggle to afford.

Additionally, because the rainfall has not been reliable, people are struggling to provide food for
their families and are particularly worried that they will not be able to store food for the dry season to follow. This time of year (rainy season) is the time to plant one of their favorite crops—corn. When springs are drying up, the people rely on the rainfall to not only replenish the water supply, but also water their fields.

This lack of rainfall and the uncertainty that follows has also seen prices at the markets skyrocket. As I went to the market recently with some of the locals, I noticed that prices of vegetables are up three times the price they were the last time I was here. It makes me wonder how the children are being fed nutritional foods.

In SMAK, our Lutheran High School, I noticed one of the signs of drought—the cracking earth. The soil is in desperate need of rain. The heat is so strong that the students cannot have classes in their building but sit in shady areas so they can be more comfortable while learning. In this school, the students are asked to grow their own food but when water needs are prioritized, sometimes watering the vegetables just doesnt rise to the top.

All around I se
e empty fields just waiting to be planted. Every village we visit, the people explain their concerns. The normal rainy season is from December through April, but the rainfall has only been sporadic at best up till now. Please keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers as you reflect on this. We trust God will provide for his people and we know he cares.

Maybe when I write - But theres not much we can do about the water shortage—the lack of rain, and even drought conditions. - its a little too negative. But its the truth here. However, the more we can do to bring water closer to people through the building of our solutions, there is benefit.


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