Celebrating God's Love Around the World at Night to Shine 2024

The worldwide prom celebration of children and adults with disabilities showcases the positive impact of collaboration among local organizations and volunteers, creating an inclusive, joyful, and memorable experience for all attendees. Kingdom Workers is blessed to be part of Night to Shine. Through events like these, we are reminded to "Be His hands and His feet," serving and celebrating every member of our community with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This year, we were able to celebrate at two high schools in the US and for the first time, at an international Night to Shine Celebration in Malawi.

In Malawi, three children named Ethel, Mary, and Francis had the opportunity to attend Night to Shine. They were some of the first to join Kingdom Workers Disability Care program in the region. Our program serves children who often come from backgrounds of significant need. The assistance provided by Kingdom Workers, such as covering medical expenses, providing transportation for hospital visits, and ensuring access to necessary treatments and assistive devices, has a life-changing impact on these children and their families.

The Disability Care program goes beyond just providing physical support. Our local volunteers conduct home-based exercises, which have significantly improved Ethel's mobility. As a result, she can now walk with the aid of ankle-foot orthoses. Additionally, Francis is starting high school this year, which is a significant life milestone. To support him, Kingdom Workers will cover his school fees. Most importantly, our volunteers ensure that these children receive spiritual nourishment by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

In the United States, some Jesus Cares participants had the opportunity to attend Night to Shine events at Manitowoc Lutheran High School in Wisconsin and St. Croix Lutheran High School in Minnesota. The attendees were treated to a memorable evening filled with glamour and celebration. The night included a red carpet entrance, limousine rides, a catered dinner, dancing, karaoke, and a crowning ceremony where each honored guest was recognized as a king or queen of the prom.


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