The Widow of Tunua

In the Indonesian village of Tunua, there lives a widow named Ibu Eny. Despite her four grown children not living nearby, she remains close to her local Lutheran Church. Ibu Eny is a woman of strong faith who enjoys attending church services and participating in various activities with her church family.

In late 2022, Kingdom Workers partnered with Ibu Eny's church members to construct a toilet near the church. This is a common practice for Kingdom Workers, who strive to promote better health and dignity. They build an example toilet at a church and teach locals how to replicate the project themselves.

Ibu Eny passed that toilet every time she went to church and dreamt of having one in her own home. However, as a widow without her children's immediate support, the dream seemed distant. But her church family embraced the essence of 1 Corinthians 12:26, "If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it," and responded to her need.


A toilet similar to the one Ibu Eny passed on her way to church.

Working together, they manifested Ibu Eny's dream into reality. Her neighbors, embodying Christ's teachings of service, joined in the mission. Within a week, the collective effort was finished, and Ibu Eny's home had a newly constructed toilet.

Pak Yunus, KW's local field coordinator, captured the spirit perfectly: "This is what we love to see. People helping each other⏤using the skills they have learned to be a blessing to others⏤it's what KW is all about!"

And as for Ibu Eny, her heart overflows with gratitude. She witnessed the love of her church family that used their God-given talents to bless her. This story isn't just about a toilet, or a physical need met. It's a testament to the power of service in action, where every act, no matter how small, is an embodiment of God's love and glory.


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