Matthew's Story: Keys to Unity

During a recent visit to Worship at the Cross, a tailored church service for those with disabilities, I was drawn in by the confident and measured chords of the hymn. The pianist was Matthew, a wonderful example of a Jesus Cares participant sharing their God-given talents in order for the gospel to be a light to others.

Matthew, a young man from Wisconsin, has faced his fair share of challenges. His parents, Jean and Robert, have watched him navigate health issues, developmental delays, and autism. But despite these hurdles, one thing remained constant⏤Matthew’s heart for Jesus and love for music.

Matthew and his mother Jean.

With the support of Jesus Cares, Matthew has found a place where his challenges do not define him. Here, he volunteers his time coordinating the songs and playing for Worship at the Cross. His music has become a voice for many. It's more than just notes⏤it's a heartfelt connection and a strong proclamation of faith. It reminds us of what worship truly is⏤coming together, just as we are, and finding unity as children of God.

Matthew practicing piano for Worship at the Cross.

As Kingdom Workers merges with Jesus Cares, our vision is clear⏤we want everyone to experience the compassion and love of our Savior. We want to share the gospel with everyone, including those brothers and sisters with disabilities. It's not about the challenges we face but the strength we find within Christ.

As I think back to that service, Matthew's music lingers in my mind, reminding me of the power of community and the importance of ensuring everyone has a place where they genuinely feel they belong and can learn about their worth as God's children.


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