A New Way of Looking at Our Work in Nigeria

For the past few years volunteers in Nigeria would print off photos, tape them to their written report, scan them and send them to us via email. We loved getting these updates, and appreciated all the work that went into them. Here's an example of the kind of updates we used to receive. If you're new to Kingdom Workers or not as familiar with our work in Nigeria you can learn more about what we do here. 

Recently, we were fortunate to connect with a local photographer named Emediong. Here are some of the photos he has been able to capture and share with us. We love being able to share these new photos with you and we hope that you enjoy seeing these new photos. 


A new look at our work in Nigeria


This is one of our Martin Ntambo Leadership Development Scholarship recipients, Egar Motashu. Egar is studying community health thanks to the scholarship. When we asked him what this means for him, Egar told us, "My training will make me very busy in the church and the community at large. At the same time, it will enable me to work for God, do more serious evangelism, particularly to participate in rural health programs and bring more people to God." 




Most of our All Saints Rural Health Services volunteers are women, but we do have a group of male volunteers who help oversee the work and create gospel proclamation trainings for all our volunteers.



Providing families with mosquito nets (seem above) are one way that our All Saints Rural Health Services volunteers care for the general health of community members. 



When volunteers visit villages they typically provide education on a certain topic. While they talk with community members they establish relationships which allows them to have more authentic, gospel-sharing conversations. 



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