Combating the "brain drain" in Nigeria

Rose wanted to do something about the health crisis in Nigeria. But she didn’t have the proper medical training or the ability to go back to school. She didn't know how she could make a difference, 


but God had placed a desire in Rose’s heart to be bold. 


When Rose looked around her she saw people suffering from malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia. In Nigeria preventable diseases and illnesses are the leading causes of death—average life expectancy is just 50 years old. A lack of available medical care and prevention contribute to this.

It's known as a "brain drain."

In a country where medical professionals are so desperately needed, those with training usually move away in search of better paying jobs. According to InterNations, there are less than 4 skilled medical professionals per 10,000 people in Nigeria. This huge gap means millions of people go without the care they need. But it also means there is a huge opportunity to fill this gap and make a difference.

God showed Rose the opportunity and filled her with the confidence to act. 

Kingdom Workers partners with All Saints Rural Health Services in Nigeria to provide basic health services and education to women. Rose signed up for the program and learned how she could bring healing to those in need. Now she travels from village to village, bringing light medical care and illness prevention education to families.


Ikade Family

The Ikade family is just one of the families that Rose has been able to help. Many of the children were struggling with sickness because they lacked the necessary mosquito netting. The family also hadn’t been to church in a long while and some of the children had not yet been baptized. 

When Rose showed up she was able to provide them with mosquito netting and also share the gospel with them. God worked through Rose to heal this families physical ailments as well as their spiritual ones. Not long after her visit, the Ikade family returned to church and the Holy Spirit went to work on their hearts.  

Until Nigeria is able to get more health professionals to stay in the country, women like Rose are the leading way that preventative care and light medical help reaches those in need. These women are making a difference one person at at time. The impact this program is having is possible because people like you decide to support work being done hundreds if not thousands of miles away from where you live. 

Together we can continue to create gospel-centered health programs that change people's lives and eternities.

There are still serious health challenges facing the people of Nigeria, but women like Rose are making a difference one person at a time. And they are able to do so because people like you support our mission and vision.


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