Loving like Jesus

Coming together as a Christian community is important, especially when people come from different cultures and backgrounds.


In John 13:34 we are directly commanded by Jesus to love others as He has loved us. This isn’t a love that looks at a problem and offers up a single prayer but takes no action or a love that only cares for those like us. This love is selfless, humble, and inclusive of everyone—no matter their culture, upbringing, language, or economic status. This love puts the needs of others above our own. It is action-oriented, outward-focused, open to all.


A few years ago a group of Builders For Christ volunteers lived this kind of love. They traveled to the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona to lead DIY Home Repair Workshops and restore several homes. The kindness of a few brought valuable skills and training to many Apache men and women and renewed a sense of hope in their community. When the opportunity arose this summer for a group of Apache to serve their fellow Christian brothers and sisters on a Builders For Christ project in Appleton, Wisconsin, they immediately said yes.



For volunteers like Dennelle the chance to love like Jesus was a personal one, “Builders For Christ helped my grandparents with their home, so it was exciting to be able to return the favor.” It is always inspiring to see how blessings overflow for both the giver and receiver when God’s Church loves the way Jesus loves.


While volunteering at Eternal Love Lutheran, the team of nine Apache volunteers formed deep friendships with people living more than 1,600 miles away. It was a chance for people from different parts of the United States to hear each other’s stories and grow in their love for Christ. Faye was particularly moved during her time with Builders For Christ, 


“My faith grew so much stronger being with these people.” 


Seeing and learning about backgrounds and upbringings different than our own reveals we have much more in common than sets us apart. Celebrating the things that make us unique glorifies God by honoring the wide range of His creativity and imagination. Recognizing the things that connect us shows the unique bond that we have as members of God’s family. Don’t just look at the world around you, take action and love like Jesus right where you are today.


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